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Sholem Golem
Sholem Golem

Sholem Golem is a professional communicator, and text editor who currently resides between Moscow and Jerusalem. Just kidding. Actually he lives between the rivers Bira and Bijan, at the Sino-Russian border where he completes his doctoral thesis on the Old Testament influences in the Evenkian folklore.

Booknik on December 15–29

In the past weeks, Booknik communicated with Shakespeare’s co-author, argued with Landau, studied snake habits, went to Israel to procure a New Year tree, waited for the end of the world, and never got it. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. promised never to hurt his mama, and found out that a book is the best present ever.

30 декабря 2012 года

Booknik on December 1–14

In the past weeks, Booknik visited a therapist, blasphemed, and read a cookbook but did not actually cook anything; he also learned how to lure students to a lecture, and switched to kefir in the morning instead of cognac. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. abandoned going to school, and realized that he was not Apollo.

15 декабря 2012 года

Booknik on November 17–30

In the past weeks, Booknik watched the world through green spectacles, experienced some groundless envy, learned English, corrected his mistakes, protested, and recollected other people’s past. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. learned how to survive in school, and quenched his cultural thirst.

2 декабря 2012 года

Booknik on November 3—16

In the past weeks, Booknik visited Kolyma, witnessed to the end of the world, tasted the milk-and-honey cocktail, participated in a tournament, and opened the Jewish Museum in Moscow. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. studied medieval art, and culinary recipes.

18 ноября 2012 года

Booknik on October 20 — November 2

In the past weeks, Booknik felt miserable finding himself alone in the crowd, he found a way to man’s heart, killed Hitler, fought for Jews’ and Catholics’ rights, and conducted an orchestra. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. shirked his music studies, and saved a drowning dolphin.

5 ноября 2012 года

Booknik on October, 5—19

In the last weeks, Booknik has become an avid cineaste; he also excavated Troy, bought a coffeepot in Istanbul, exorcised the devil, pickled cucumbers, and read old postcards. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. teased dogs, and developed photos

21 октября 2012 года

Booknik on September 15 — October 5

In the past weeks, Booknik visited a prison, burned paper bridges, fought insanitary conditions, argued with generals, did not buy a new coffee pot, and did not marry. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. smoked in a school lavatory, and studied the art of Ancient Egypt.

6 октября 2012 года

Booknik on September 1—14

In the past weeks, Booknik worked as a loading workman, stocked his library, evaded hospitable citizens of Soodoma, leafed through old newspapers, and tasted the fruit of passion. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. moved his flippers, and exchanged trucks for babies.

17 сентября 2012 года

Booknik on August, 18 —31

In the past weeks, Booknik killed time by reading mystery novels, preferred Hebrew to Esperanto, tried to become a vegetarian yet he found himself unable to resist the lure of kielbasa; he travelled through Estonia by streetcar, read sentimental love stories, and quoted Bible profusely. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. watched Western reruns, and re-read Kafka.

3 сентября 2012 года

Booknik on August 3—17

In the past weeks, Booknik mastered some new tricks of literary work, did a comparative study of sacrilege, sniffed at various goods at a flea market, pined for some okroshka cold soup, and went mushroom-hunting in a new York forest. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. was over his head in a book.

19 августа 2012 года

Booknik on July 21 — August 03

In the past weeks, Booknik flew Aeroflot, gathered two trunks of memories, got to know new Pygmalion, counted Calcutta Jews, separated sheep from goats Zionists from Black-Hundreders, and hopped through New York. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. fought his fears and won.

5 августа 2012 года

Booknik on June 23 — July 6

In the last weeks, Booknik was engulfed in Jewish life, read books, talked to movie stars, took great interest in culinary, visited Latvia, learned how to be an alien in Moscow, and spoke with a millionaire about money. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. struck up some good connections in movie business, and raised up some hell.

6 июля 2012 года

Booknik on June 9—22

In the past weeks, Booknik counted octopus’s hands, discussed the necessity of a revolution, lit up with delight at the light festival, comprehended mysteries of Kabbalah, and the logic of Talmud, and was hospitable in Moscow and Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. became a soccer fan, and planned his winter vacation.

25 июня 2012 года

Booknik on May 26 — June 8

In the past weeks, Booknik reviewed new non-fiction releases, discussed religion and freedom with an American professor, learned the whole truth about the Wandering Jew, took part in a séance, and fought xenophobia. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. found out that mosquitoes and pasta interfere with his life.

10 июня 2012 года

Booknik on May 19—25

Last week, Booknik learned how people communicated before they invented Skype, lived the wolf’s life, participated in some civil disobedience, rode a donkey around Jerusalem with no messianic pretense, and rejoiced for the umpteenth time that there are only ten commandments. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. decided that if he has to enter a levirate marriage with Booknik Senior’s old wife, he will better perform a Gemilut Hasadim on her.

26 мая 2012 года

Booknik on May 12—18

Last week, Booknik learned why hamsters do not like a rat, and why sometimes it is healthy to drink vodka; he flirted with a striking woman, pretended to be a restaurant and a movie critic, became a citizen of a non-existent state, and talked with clever people about psychoanalysis, and guinea pigs. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. made a pencil holder, and bred an army of cockroaches at home.

18 мая 2012 года

Booknik on May 5–11

Last week, Booknik squinted, spoke his mind, listened to rabbi’s opinion, tried to become a fifth member of a quartet, remembered the war, declared his love to three oranges cities, and took part in an untimely Purimspiel.

15 мая 2012 года

Booknik on April 28 — May 4

Last week, Booknik learned that books do not necessarily have to be on paper, and visited Spain, yet he did not see a bullfight; he also arranged the best study in the world for himself, read some Agnon in his spare time, mastered a prestigious trade, and caught a “golden carp.” Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. failed to become a member of the Hadassah but learned French.

7 мая 2012 года

Booknik on April 20—28

Last week, Booknik thought about opening a kosher restaurant or a book store, drowned in flowers, hung out banners, asked the price of love, overcame insurmountable obstacles, and made eschatological projections yet he looked in the future with optimism. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. frightened a train, and attended another Jewish holiday

30 апреля 2012 года

Booknik on April 14—19

Last week, Booknik visited polar bears, plunged into the soviet past, remembered two Ferdinands the Firsts kindly, became a movie fan, and decoded an ancient papyrus.

23 апреля 2012 года