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Booknik on April 14—19
Sholem Golem  •  23 апреля 2012 года
Last week, Booknik visited polar bears, plunged into the soviet past, remembered two Ferdinands the Firsts kindly, became a movie fan, and decoded an ancient papyrus.

Last week, Booknik visited polar bears, plunged into the soviet past, remembered two Ferdinands the Firsts kindly, became a movie fan, and decoded an ancient papyrus.

Forever and the Earth
Good-bye, the Arctic!, by Marina Moskvina
Marina Moskvina is a traveler and a storyteller. Finally, she has realized her old dream. She went to the Arctic in the company of other courageous people on board of a small yet sturdy boat. In her suitcase, she had the Moon, and she promised to write a book about her travel later. She was true to her word, and Booknik’s literary critic Ivan Pervertov sat closer to a heater, and read it.

The History Lesson, the Literature Lesson
Who Owns Anne Frank?, by Cynthia Ozick
An honest testimony to the Catastrophe is the literature that is not alienated from history, created contemporaneously, and does not have any loopholes for false interpretation. Anne Frank’s diary, the work of talent ad sincerity, was interpreted in a wrong way due to its language that was the transcript of the young and breaking author’s voice. They were tempted to translate it into the adult language. Booknik’s literary reviewer Yevgeniya Ritz follows Cynthia Ozick in reflecting on the objective and subjective in history.

…and many other subjective projections in the Books & Reviews section.


The Serbian and the Young
The French journalist, the head of AFP Moscow information bureau Nicolas Miletic prepares to make a documentary about soviet dissenters. This is an old idea of his, and he does not believe it is just a historic fad. In 1981, he was expelled from the country for communicating with dissenters. Booknik reporter Yelena Polyakovskaya learned more about that captivating period in the life of the French journalist.

…and many other blasts from the past in the Articles & Interviews section.


Jewish Napoli
When Jews were banned from Spain in 1492, the only Italian city that agreed to take them was Naples. Ferdinand the First was the ruler of the whole territory then, and he wanted to increase the population that could be faithful to him personally, in order to strengthen his own power. Three hundred years later, in 1826, another Ferdinand the First, the first monarch of both Sicilies, equalized Jews in rights with his other subjects. These days, both Ferdinands are the monuments in city squares. If you are not planning to visit Naples any time soon, you can at least look at photographs by Booknik reporter Ariel Bulstein.

…and many other spectacular spectacles in the Events & Reports section.


Poe’s Purgatory. Two Weeks in the Movies
Booknik’s film reviewer and addicted moviegoer Dina Suvorova suggests you go to the movies, to see the current blockbusters. You may choose from The Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, Twixt, and Detachment.

…and many other flickering Jews flicks in the Columns & Columns section.


The Memphis Rat Catcher. The Alternative History of the Exodus
Booknik contributor Alla Kucherenko happened on an ancient papyrus. She does not know ancient Egyptian but this lack of understanding only helped her in translating the ancient text into Russian brilliantly. Those barbarians have curious beliefs. The God of theirs inhabits the skies all alone. It does not mean that He is the chief god, it means that He is the Only One. He does not have anyone else to toy with but His chosen people. He does not need to conquer giant snakes, save sisters of evil brothers, or illuminate the skies neither.

…and many other curious curios in the Stories & Essays section.


The School Ozar Hatorah in Toulouse
The school became notorious all over the world quite recently, due to the tragic and terrible event that occurred there. On March 19, 2012, their teacher, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, died from the bullets of an assassin, together with several kids. Yekaterina Zhitomirskaya tells about the school life now that goes on despite this sad event. The time is hard for the school now. I approach the school gate to Lay flowers on the spot where little Miriam died, who was my granddaughter’s classmate. The school continues functioning though. My son will go there three years later.

…and many other stories (that are not so dark and tragic) at Booknik Jr., also known as Family Booknik, our own web site for kids and their parents.


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